Hot Chocolate

How do the waves work?

Hot Chocolate Columbus features a wave and start corral process to facilitate a safe, smooth start to the race. Your start wave is determined by your start corral assignment. Your start corral assignment will be emailed to you approximately two weeks prior to the race. 

Please note: the 5k and 15k races start together, so each corral contains both 5k and 15k runners.

Corral Staging Times

Corrals A - F
Start Time: Wave 1 (15k and 5k corrals A-F): 7:30am
Corrals open at 7:00am and close at 7:25am
Recommended Arrival Time: 6:00am

Corrals H - M
Start Time: Wave 2 (15k and 5k corrals H-M): 8:05am
Corrals open at the time Wave 1 clears the start line and close at 8:00am
Recommended Arrival Time: 6:30am

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